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Strollo has depth of experience in mechanical, electrical, software, systems, and manufacturing engineering. Our agile team is current with ever-evolving technologies and has the tools, resources, knowledge, and problem-solving skills to provide the best outcome for every project. We attribute the quality of our work to the synergy between our diverse staff and our clients. Strollo integrates seamlessly with clients and manufacturers through all levels of development, from research and prototyping through full-scale production, while providing expertise and creativity to support every step of the process for product launch.

Disciplines - Mechanical Engineering
mechanical engineering

Our Mechanical Engineers provide detailed design and complex analysis of electromechanical parts and systems. They understand the importance of proper material and manufacturing process selection and are proficient at integrating performance and quality while reducing the costs of your product.

Disciplines - Electrical Engineering
electrical engineering

Our Electrical Engineers establish high-quality electrical architectures and detailed designs and facilitate testing to achieve relevant FCC and UL/CSA/CE Standards. Strollo can provide schematics, layout, component selection, detailed BOMs, prototype PCAs, and robust production designs.

Disciplines - Software Engineering
software engineering

Our Software Engineers establish robust software and firmware architectures and detailed designs that comply with agency requirements. We develop algorithms and apply advanced processing techniques that improve product reliability.

Disciplines - Systems Engineering
systems engineering

Our Systems Engineers provide full system analysis to ensure program goals are met, including performance, reliability, serviceability, and cost. We understand how each major discipline plays a role in the interaction between the systems of the product and we will effectively troubleshoot obstacles that arise during development.

Disciplines - Manufacturing Engineering
manufacturing engineering

Strollo has in-depth knowledge of manufacturing strategies for both domestic and international supply chain options. Strollo has strategic partners offering manufacturing domestically and in Bangkok, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Our team provides expertise in balancing performance and cost goals, as well as manufacturing process selection to leverage the benefits of molding vs. casting vs. stamping vs. extruding vs. machining.

Additional Services

our depth of experience will accelerate your success

  • Design for Cost Reduction
  • Design for Assembly
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Industrial Design
  • Material Selection
  • Process Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Project Management
  • Prototype Development & Testing
  • Regulatory & Safety Compliance
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • UI / UX
  • Analysis (Nonlinear Stress, Thermal, Moldflow)


the path toward creating a remarkable product

At Strollo, we place value on providing and delivering an elevated experience and creating products that outperform. Our team takes a collaborative approach to projects, as each project is unique. The preeminent focus is on ensuring we have a deep understanding of project requirements and objectives to proactively deflect challenges before they arise. We pursue solutions that align with our client’s goals. Through CAD, prototyping, and design reviews, we provide visual and tangible representation, analyze and perform rigorous tests, and incorporate client feedback. By being strategic and tactical from the start our approach results in successful, manufacturable solutions regardless of project complexity.

Approach Infographic



Strollo offers a breadth of engineering and manufacturing development services for a wide variety of customers in numerous industries. Our team has the specialized skill and experience that enables us to adapt to the unique nature of each project. Achieve your goals, partner with Strollo.


Strollo has designed dozens of reliable and cost-effective electromechanical consumer products. We focus on the needs of our clients with the user in mind to create an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, transformative product. 

Our engineers have expertise in complex plastic parts, including covers, gears, and mechanisms. We also work closely with our customers to provide a supply chain strategy that aligns with program goals for product volumes, lead times, and cost targets.

commercial / industrial

Strollo has designed and developed commercial and industrial products spanning numerous industries. We provide in-depth analysis and system-level engineering to ensure the performance, strength, and durability of the product while complying with agency standards and requirements.

Strollo employs a collaborative approach to conquer technical challenges typical in commercial and industrial projects. Our engineers are knowledgeable in the benefits and tradeoffs required for optimal material and process selection, such as: molded vs. cast vs. extruded vs. stamped vs. machined. Strollo has extensive experience delivering high-performance, low-cost, manufacturable solutions that enhance the client’s competitive edge.


Strollo has designed and developed medical devices and consumables that demonstrate safety and quality for the ever-evolving medical industry. Strollo has the knowledge and experience to create low-cost, high-volume, reliable medical products that comply with regulatory requirements. Our team has designed medical equipment within ISO 13485 procedural requirements, including a phase-gate approach with formal design reviews, risk assessments, and design history files.

Strollo is also experienced with cleanroom assembly and the challenges associated with contamination and filtration.


Strollo has developed state-of-the-art scientific instruments that integrate precision, quality, and aesthetics. We have designed these intricate instruments to be intuitive and reliable, which increases productivity and results in a positive user experience. 

Our team of engineers are experienced with optical components and alignment, as well as all the intricacies of fluid handling and thermal control.


Strollo has been involved in designing and developing high-quality products for the government while achieving strict military standards and regulatory compliance. Our team is experienced with establishing detailed budgets and schedules for each milestone to accomplish program goals.