Strollo Inc. The business case
What strollo design provided

what strollo provided

Strollo was approached by a partner firm to refine the preliminary ID and tightly integrate the analog and digital electronics into compact packaging. The product featured a unique capacitive-touch and segmented light ring interface, an integrated condenser microphone, and XLR/TS combo jacks — all in a battery-powered device. The internal processing capability and power dissipation required extensive thermal management within the product design and maximum allocation of space for battery capacity.

Strollo worked closely to develop a system architecture that connected multiple PCBAs into an easy to assemble product. Effective integration required attentive consideration of board connectivity, external connector and switch interfaces, proximity of power components to a heat sinking enclosure, and the stringent requirements of cap-touch system design. Our team designed, prototyped, and worked closely with Asian suppliers to deploy the injection molded plastics, optical light ring, die cast aluminum, and formed sheet metal parts that assembled into the product. Strollo qualified and worked with the CM to launch Spire Studio into manufacturing and subsequently supported product improvements and expansions.

Strollo Inc. The business case
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