Strollo Inc. The business case
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What strollo design provided

what strollo provided

Wallybroom was the brainchild of Master Industrial Designer, Scott Shippen, of Neli, LLC. Scott and his team had a pure vision of the desired aesthetics and functionality but required a seasoned Mechanical Design team to produce the complex CAD surfacing and the mechanism needed to switch the product between broom and squeegee.

Strollo connected with Neli on a common passion for design and brought a depth of knowledge in designing injection molded products along with expertise in designing for assembly and cost. Strollo stayed true to the original product vision and delivered the required performance while working through the complexities of molding products of this class.

Strollo was fastidious about capturing my design concept. Manufacturing and engineering requirements can often distort and dilute the original design intent but Strollo found creative solutions to mitigate the impact of our issues so the product design was not harmed or changed. Strollo has impressive engineering, plastics, injection molding, assembly, and manufacturing experience. They successfully developed my projects from initial concepts to fully manufactured products.

Scott Shippen

Director of Industrial Design, Neli Product Development

Strollo produced several rounds of prototypes to refine functionality and released a complete set of production specifications. Strollo also worked closely with the injection molding toolmakers to achieve the required quality of the plastics. Challenges included: the elastomeric features on the insert-molded parts, the two-shot over-molded parts, and the metallic inserts. Strollo stayed closely engaged with the manufacturing partner to ensure the finished goods were delivered per program goals.

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Strollo Inc. The business case
Strollo Inc. The business case
Strollo Inc. The business case